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About Us

Jiahong air conditioning engineering Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1986, headquartered in Taiwan Guishan Linkou fourth industrial zone. For the majority of customer service group, we are in 1998 in Guangdong Province China established Dongguan factory, and in 2008 set up branch in Guangzhou, in 2009 set up in Shanghai Jiaxing branch to provide prompt service to the global customers. Jiahong company 25 years has maintained steady growth specialization in manufacturing various air conditioning pipe, outlet, small solder smoking cover, flexible hose, air pipe fittings, air-conditioning end products, is the industry's well-known flex hose and air conditioning experts.

Professional production: spiral duct air valve check valve aluminum foil hose foil insulation hose nylon hose PVC hose industrial high temperature wind pipe flange muffler outlet solder smoking cover fire valve and other hardware accessories.

Enterprise management innovation, adhere to quality, service, hope that the four big ideas, and constantly innovative ideas, the pursuit of growth, is now in the domestic and foreign well-known air-conditioning bellows and all air conditioning products maker of. Over the years, we have exported many air conditioning with flexible hose and air-conditioning end products to China, Japan, Hongkong, Australia, USA, Vietnam, the Middle East and other countries.

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Aluminum foil insulating hose
Aluminum foil insulating hose





JH-V-T/S double spiral duct

JH-V-T/S double spiral duct
High temperature air pipe

High temperature air pipe
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